About the PTA

PTA General Meetings

PTA General Meetings are held three times a year in the evenings, usually a Thursday in October, January and April. The meetings usually feature a social period, announcements from the Board, and a special guest speaker or presentation. Please come to the General PTA meetings, your support is invaluable PLUS they are a great way to keep up to date about what’s going on in our school!

The PTA Board

The PTA Board is made up of parent and staff volunteers. All positions are generally for a two-year period, which enables an incoming and outgoing Board member to work together for a year.  New board members are recruited in the spring via the newsletter and a recruitment committee.   If you are interested in serving on the Board or the recruitment committee, please contact one of the Co-Vice Presidents.

If you think you might be interested in possibly serving on the board but would like to know what each position entails, click here for a full description of each position.

The Board meets once a month. For the 2015-16 school year meetings will be on the 1st Thursday of each month at 3:15 p.m. in Room 203.  Meetings are open to all in the Lawton community, so feel free to attend. Meeting dates will be:

  • Sept. 10 (not at school)
  • Oct. 8
  • Nov. 5
  • Dec. 3
  • Jan. 7
  • Feb. 4
  • March 3
  • April 7
  • May 5
  • June 2

(dates are subject to change if unexpected conflicts arise)

2015 – 2016 PTA Board Members

Kathryn Ficarra Co-President
Amanda Armes Co-President
Lisa Blau Co-Vice President
Deanne Allegro Co-Vice President
Amy Tucci Webert Newsletter Communication Chair
Cheryl Parks Website Communication Chair
Kamila Kilayko Treasurer
Katie Price Cashier
Pricilla Wenneman Recording Secretary
Mikelle Nuwer Member At Large
Terry Richardson Fundraising
Kelsey Fatland Staff Liaison

2015-2016 Board Meetings

August 2015 Board Meeting Retreat – Minutes

September 2015 Board Meeting – Minutes

October 2015 Board Meeting –

October 2015 General Membership Meeting –

November 2015 Board Meeting – Minutes

December 2015 Board Meeting – Minutes

January 2016 Board Meeting – Minutes

January 2016 General Membership Meeting – Minutes

February 2016 Board Meeting – Minutes

March 2016 Board Meeting – Minutes

April 2016 Board Meeting –

April 2016 General Membership Meeting –

May 2016 Board Meeting –

June 2016 Board Meeting –

2014-2015 Board Meetings

September 2014 Board Meeting – Minutes

October 2014 Board Meeting – Minutes

October 2014 General PTA Membership Meeting – Minutes

November 2014 Board Meeting – Minutes

December 2014 Board Meeting – Minutes

January 2015 Board Meeting – Minutes

February 2015 Board Meeting – Minutes

March 2015 Board Meeting – Minutes

April 2015 Board Meeting – Minutes

April 2015 General Membership Meeting – Minutes

May 2015 Board Meeting – Minutes

June 2015 Board Meeting –Minutes


2013-2014 Board Meetings

November Board Meeting:  November 1st/3:15 pm (Minutes)

October General PTA Meeting:  October 24th/6:00pm (Minutes)

October Board Meeting:  October 4th/3:15pm (Minutes)

August Board Meeting:  August 28th/4:30pm (Minutes)



2012-2013 Board Meetings

October Board Meeting:  October 5th/3:15pm (Minutes)

October General PTA Meeting:  October 25th/6:30pm (Minutes)

November PTA Meeting:  November 2nd/3:15 pm (Minutes)

December PTA Meeting:  December 7th/3:15 pm   (Minutes)

January General PTA Meeting:  January 24th/6:30pm (Minutes)

February Board Meeting:  February 8th/3:15pm (Minutes)

March Board Meeting:  March 8th/3:15pm (Minutes)

April Board Meeting:  April 5th/3:15pm (Minutes)

April General PTA Meeting:  April 24th/6:30pm (Minutes)

May Board Meeting:  May 10th/3:15pm (Minutes)

June Board Meeting:  May 31st/3:15pm (Minutes)


2011-2012 Board Meetings

Board Retreat/ Meeting; August 30th/9:00 am (Minutes)

October Board Meeting; October 7th/3:15 pm (Minutes)

October General PTA Meeting; October 21st /6:30 pm (Minutes)

November Board Meeting; November 4th /3:15 pm (Minutes)

December Board Meeting; December 2nd/3:15 pm

January Board Meeting; January 6th/3:15 pm (Minutes)

January General PTA Meeting; January 19th/6:30 pm

February Board Meeting; February 3rd/3:15 pm (Minutes)

March Board Meeting; March 2nd/3:15 pm

April Board Meeting; April 6th/3:15 pm

April General Meeting; April 26/6:30 pm

May Board Meeting; May 4th /3:15 pm (Minutes)

2010-2011 Board Meetings
Board Retreat/ Meeting; Friday, September 3rd;  9:00 am (Minutes)

October Board Meeting Wednesday, October 13; 9:15 a.m.
PTA Board Minutes 10-13-2010

October General PTA Meeting; Thursday, October  28; 6:30 pm
PTA General Meeting Minutes 10-28-2010

November Board Meeting; Wednesday, November 10; 9:15 am
PTA Board Minutes 11-10-10

December Board Meeting; Wednesday, December 8; 9:15 am
PTA Board Minutes 12-8-2010

January Board Meeting; Wednesday, January 12; 9:15 am;
PTA Board Minutes 1-12-2011

February General PTA Meeting; Tuesday, February 1st; 6:30 pm
PTA General Meeting Minutes 2-12-2011

February Board Meeting; Wednesday, February 9; 9:15 am
PTA Meeting Minutes 2-9-2011

March Board Meeting; Wednesday, March 9; 9:15 am
PTA Meeting Minutes 3-9-2011

April Budget Meeting; , April 1; 9:15 am;
PTA Meeting Minutes 4-1-2011

April Board Meeting; Friday, April 8; 9:15 am;
PTA Meeting Minutes 4-8 -2011

April Budget Meeting; Friday, April 15; 9:15 am;
PTA Meeting Minutes 4-15-2011

April General Meeting; Thursday, April 28; 6:30 pm
PTA General Meeting Minutes 4-28-2011

May Board Meeting; Friday, May 13; 9:15 am;
PTA Meeting Minutes 5-13 -2011

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