Lawton Family Handbook and Attendance Information

This handbook is a great resource for Seattle Public Schools and Lawton’s policies, rules and expectations. Have questions about what to do for absences, emergencies, sick policies, playground rules, etc.?

Click here for the Handbook.


In 2011, the Seattle School Board and SPS updated the Attendance policies for Seattle’s students.  That policy can be found here.

Click here for the message from Lawton’s Principal re: Pre-Planned Absences.  Click here for the Educational Trip Plan form that needs to be submitted 3 days in advance of a preplanned absense.

The Educational Trip Plan needs to be mutually agreeable to the teacher and family, and both are asked to sign off on it before turning into the office.  We request that this be 3 days in advance of the planned absences upon which I will review and approve these requests.  Missing schoolwork can be made up, but missed school experiences and discussions that create a classroom community cannot be.

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