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Direct Drive – Send In Your Pledge Cards!

Hello Lawton Families,

Our direct drive is underway! We were excited to kick things off last Thursday at curriculum night. All families received a letter and pledge card in person or mailed to their home.  Thank you to all who have returned pledge cards this first week!

Please take a moment this week to think about your pledge to the Lawton Community. Remember, the many ways the Lawton PTA is able to enrich your child’s school day.  Think of how excited your children become talking about catching spiders at Discovery Park, making masks from around the world, meeting a published Children’s author, balloon tosses at field day, walking to school with their friends. All of these amazing opportunities are made possible through the PTA’s funding. How much are these experiences worth to you and your child? $10.00 a month, $100.00? $5.00 a week, $225.00?, $2.00 a day, $360.00?, $100.00 a month, $1,000.00?  All levels of giving allow us to continue providing our current programs to your children.  Without your support these programs would not be possible.

Take a moment to recall how you have supported Lawton in the past? How much did you put towards holiday trees, wrapping paper, art, auction items, chinook books, and  script?  In the past the PTA was only receiving a portion of your funds.  Now, you have the chance to make all of  your donation go directly to the PTA to support our students!

Review your pledge card this week and make your commitment to enrich our community and our students.

Your Lawton PTA

Download a New Pledge Card Here (pdf)

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