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MSP Replaces WASL

Each Spring the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction requires an assessment of student learning to show what progress students are making toward their grade level standards.  In past years children, starting in third grade, have participated in testing the core academic subjects in the Washington Assessment of Student Learning (WASL).  The results are communicated to the school and families and are used to show progress in each school.  This year the students of Lawton will be participating in the state MSP testing from May 17-21.

What is different about MSP Testing?

  • Reading, Math and Science tests are shorter
  • Reading passages are shorter (they are grade level X 100 words)
  • Functional reading will be included-e.g. bus schedules, movie times, etc
  • Math-no calculators will be used

What parents need to know:

  • MSP Testing is for Grade 3 Math and Reading, Grade 4 Reading, Writing and Math, and Grade 5 Math, Reading and Science
  • Make up testing will be done May 24-28 except 5th grade where make up tests will be given on Friday, May 21.
  • Students must use #2 wooden pencils-no mechanical pencils will be used
  • Attendance will be taken to ensure all students have an opportunity to do make up tests

What is the role of the teacher:

  • Teachers will distribute the tests, take attendance and proctor each test
  • Proctors must monitor students while the test is being taken by walking around the classroom
  • Proctors must not leave students unattended during the testing
  • All students who receive Special Ed services have testing accommodations in their IEP-these must be followed during MSP testing

What is the role of the principal:

  • Monitor testing in classrooms
  • Be available to resolve “irregularities”

Schedule for MSP Testing during the Week of May 17-21

Grade 3

May 18th Math

May 19th Reading for Ms Rybock and Mr. Terry

May 20th Reading for Ms Palewicz and Ms Wong

Grade 4

May 17th and 21st Writing

May 18th Math

May 20th Reading

Grade 5

May 18th Math

May 19th Science

May 20th Reading

May 21st Make Up Testing for 5th Grade

3rd and 4th graders will do make up testing during the week of May 24-28th .  All students who have an IEP will follow the accommodation plan in the IEP.

If you have any questions about your child taking the tests, please contact the teacher.

Open Enrollment Outreach 2010

Seattle Public Schools Enrollment Services will be accepting registration forms and applications at the Magnolia Public Library on Monday, March 22 between
5:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m..

Magnolia Library
2801 34th Ave W
Seattle, WA 98199

Building Leadership Team Needs New Members

Building Leadership Team (BLT) Needs Team Members for 2010/2011 School Year.

Parent representatives are needed to serve for the 2010-11 school year on the BLT. This group is charged with collaborative decision making among staff and parents on issues such as budget development, academic achievement planning and professional development. It is a representative model with equal numbers of parents and staff members.

The BLT needs three parent members, each serving a two-year term.

If you are interested in applying for a position, you are committing yourself to one monthly meeting with a possible extra meeting when issues arrive that need to be resolved.

Applications must be submitted to the school office by 3:30pm on Friday April 16 (or via e-mail to Bev Clonch at, and include a letter indicating:

  • The grade your student(s) will be in next school year and if they are Spectrum or Special Needs.
  • School involvement such as volunteer activities.
  • Your understanding of consensus decision making.
  • How you will advocate for the interests of the group of parents you wish to represent while supporting all Lawton students.

Click here to learn More about the BLT.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact a BLT member.

Thank you, Bev Clonch BLT Chair

SPS Curriculum Alignment Community Meetings

Please join Seattle Public Schools instructional leaders to learn more about the work of aligning curriculum. We’ll discuss our alignment work and provide more information about the upcoming instructional materials adoption for high school Language Arts courses to be followed by adoptions for World Languages and Social Studies for 4th and 8th grades.  Flyer and meeting dates attached.

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