Building Leadership Team (BLT)

What is the Building Leadership Team?

Lawton Elementary’ s Building Leadership Team (BLT) is a collaborative site-based leadership team comprised of Lawton staff, the Lawton principal, and Lawton parents. The BLT meets bi-monthly and is focused on strengthening and supporting Lawton’s school policies, instruction, learning environment, and operations. The BLT strives to consider the perspectives of all Lawton stakeholders as school priorities are established. The BLT engages the Lawton community in the decision-making process by posting meeting minutes and agendas, and maintaining open lines of communication.

Specific Responsibilities of the BLT

  • Work with the school staff to create and monitor Lawton’s Continuous School Improvement Plan (CSIP)
  • Help to set professional development priorities for Lawton Staff; oversee a school-wide professional development plan to support the Academic Achievement Plan
  • Work with the school staff to establish the school’s discretionary budget
  • Ensure that Lawton’s Decision-Making Matrix is up to date and reflects Lawton’s approach to collaborative decision making.

2015 – 2016 BLT Members:

Anson Fatland Parent Rep.
Roger Jansson Parent Rep.
Dorian Manza Principal
Laura Thomas Classified Rep.
Anne Marie Hylton 2nd/3rd Rep.
Tracy McDonagh K/1st Rep.
Lily Ulmer 4th/5th Rep.
Drue Hawrylak Specialist Rep.

2015 – 2016 Meeting Dates and Times:

  • October 6, 7:30 am – Minutes
  • November 3, 7:30 am – Minutes
  • December 1, 7:30 am – Minutes
  • January 5, 7:30 am – Minutes
  • February 2, 7:30 am – Minutes
  • March 1, 7:30 am – Minutes
  • April 5, 7:30 am – Minutes
  • May 3, 7:30 am – Minutes
  • June 7, 7:30 am – Minutes

(Dates subject to change if unexpected conflicts arise)

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