Everyday Math Program
The Seattle Public School District has adopted a new K – 5 math curriculum, Everyday Math. Every teacher has been trained with the new program and within the first two years of its implementation we have seen significant results. One of the strengths of the program is that it “spirals” concepts throughout the year and the program. For example, the concept of “decimals” may come up in 1st grade, build to money later in the year, and then move to percentages and fractions by 3rd grade. The power of this approach is that students are exposed to varying concepts throughout the math program, not just once in a unit. There are a number of features that distinguish this program:
  • Real-life Problem Solving
  • Balanced Instruction (individual/group work, games and manipulatives)
  • Multiple Methods for Basic Skills Practice
  • Emphasis on Communication
  • Enhanced Home/School Partnerships

As students increase their understanding of mathematical relationships and concepts, they are expected to share their ideas and strategies through verbal and written responses. Using concrete materials and manipulatives in real life experiences, students progress through stages of patterning, sorting, and classifying, as well as traditional algebraic expression, to strengthen their number sense.

Math Event

The PTA hosts a Math Night in which the student body and parents are invited to school in the evening to play math games, enjoy home-made baked goods from parents and improve math skills in a casual and fun environment.

For more information about the District’s standards for mathematics, please visit the SPS Mathematics Program page or the SPS Elementary Mathematics page on the District website.

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