Funding Education Meeting – Coe Elementary, December 6, 7-8:30

Primer for parents: Funding education

Frustrated by lack of school funding? All are invited by the Coe Elementary community to a special meeting on education funding.  

The state legislature has been ordered by the state supreme court to increase K-12 funding. Where will the funds come from? What will the additional revenue pay for? Come learn how education is funded in Washington State from the district to the state level. Speakers will discuss the upcoming levy, in-school fundraising, the McCleary decision, the district’s role, and more.

What: A community meeting on education funding and the upcoming levy, with Senator Jeanne Kohl-Wells, School Board President Michael Debell, and Schools First volunteers Lisa MacFarlane, and Kerry Cooley-Stroum
When:  December 6, 7-8:30 p.m.

Where: Coe Elementary Gym/, 2424 7th Avenue West 

Contact:  Stacy Lawson Coe Elementary PTA, 206.999.6724

Quote:  “The meeting is a great opportunity to understand education funding and learn what parents and community members can do to help.  We felt like we needed a meeting to explain the issues and the key players.   Parents just don’t have the time to follow all it.  So, we’re bringing speakers to them.”  Cheri Curson Bowles, Coe PTA Co-President

Washington State PTA was party to the McCleary school funding lawsuit and is actively working to ensure schools are meeting student need. Improving and prioritizing education are Washington State PTA’s top priorities. More: 
- Ramona Hattendorf, Lawton PTA legislative chair

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