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Lawton Elementary photoLawton is a public elementary school located in Seattle's Magnolia neighborhood. We're focused on academic achievement and cultural enrichment. We've served this community for over 100 years, and proudly continue to offer an excellent K-5 learning experience in a healthy and caring environment. - Learn More about Lawton

Announcements - April 27, 2016

Summer Camp Openings at Lawton Boys & Girls

If you are still looking for summer activities for your child, look no further! Lawton Boys and Girls Club offers a whole summer of fun! Click here to view the whole list of summer weekly offerings.

Announcements - April 26, 2016

Last PTA General Meeting – April 28th

Please join us for the last PTA General Membership Meeting on Thursday, April 28th at 6:oo p.m. in the Lawton Library. The PTA Board will be presenting the proposed budget for the 2016-17 school year as well as presenting the slate of nominees for next year’s PTA board.

Decisions should be made by the greater whole and not a small minority so please consider joining us as your voice as a PTA member is important. Childcare will be available.

View Agenda here.

Announcements - April 26, 2016

Lawton Community – We Hear You!!

Thank you for taking our 2015-2016 PTA Survey.  We had amazing responses from so many of you and we are grateful for your kind feedback. We also received some concerns/questions from you, which we would like to address.

Staying Informed About Classroom Activity:

Based on the PTA survey, we will continue to keep you informed about what your child is learning.  Specific areas you mentioned are the math curriculum, classroom activities, RULER, music, technology, and P.E. The teachers do a wonderful job sending out emails to parents and we are grateful for your continued desire to stay on top of your child’s education.


Safety is very important to the Lawton staff.  Lawton Elementary has a safety committee that meets monthly, and we have communicated all of your safety-related responses to them with the goal of supporting their efforts to enhance the safety of our school community.


Based on the current survey responses, many of you are interested in seeing the PTA budget more clearly and regularly. We will be presenting the 2016-2017 preliminary budget (which is put together by the budget committee, feedback from the school survey and staff input) at April’s General PTA Meeting on Thursday, April 28th beginning at 6:00pm (click here for meeting Agenda). At this meeting, the budget will be voted on.  We will send out the approved, final budget to all members of the PTA. If you have any questions on the budget anytime during the year, please send an email to for an up-to-date budget.  We are more than happy to share it with you!

Communication Channels:

Based on feedback from the survey, the PTA is currently revamping its website ( to make it a substantive channel of communication.  The new website will be the authoritative source for ways to get involved at Lawton, PTA committee sign-up forms, upcoming events, online enrichment registration, and more.  We will also have a new page on the site specifically geared toward incoming kindergarten families and other families who are new to Lawton. Be on the lookout for updated site – we are really excited about this endeavor!

New Ideas:

You all brought up some really fantastic ideas, and we are eager to introduce them next year. Some of these ideas included parent social nights, school talent show, community service opportunities, new family orientation, and a kindergarten liaison program.  These are all fantastic ideas just waiting for the help of our parent volunteers.  Please be on the lookout for new opportunities/committees to implement these ideas on our updated website this fall!



Lawton PTA Board

Announcements - April 26, 2016

Lawton Playground Project Update

Dear Lawton Community,

The Lawton Playground Committee is still in need of your help. We are planning to submit a proposal to the Large Neighborhood Match Fund, which is due on May 2nd.

This grant request would cover whatever we haven’t raised to complete the Phase 1 Playground Vision. For this grant, we need to include a Community Match Pledge Form. The More Community Involvement, the Stronger the Proposal!

We need volunteer pledges from the Lawton Community!! Please consider pledging to donate some time to help realize our vision. All volunteer hours count as matching funds! If you can help, please send the following information to Kristeen Penrod

  • Name and Contact info (Address, Phone, Email)
  • Type of support (e.g., outreach, participate in Community Work Days to install playground equipment, plant nature trail)
  • Number of hours you’re willing to donate

Every bit helps us get to the goal of a new and improved playground for our school and community. Thank you for your consideration.

Announcements - April 19, 2016


Enjoy a burger at Red Robin and raise money for Lawton! That’s right, have a burger at Red Robin and money will be donated to Lawton. This program usually donates 1% to the school of your choice but 5% will be donated now through April 24th.

For more information on how you can register and support Lawton by enjoying a burger, click here.

Announcements - March 1, 2016

Playground Update

We’re getting close to being able to select our actual Playground! We will be circulating a Survey of a few different options in the coming weeks, but we will also have the playground committee at Serendipity from 4-6p on Saturday March 19th with the plans for you to see and vote on. Feel free to drop by and vote for your favorite design!

Announcements - October 27, 2015



The Playground Project Committee is looking for volunteers to join the committee that is working towards building a better, more interactive, and joyous playground for our children. A portion of our fundraising comes from matching volunteer hours and the success of this project comes from you! Please consider joining.

Any questions, please contact Kathryn Ficarra at

Announcements - October 5, 2015

Ballard Food Bank provides Needed Weekend Meals to Lawton Students

Lawton Families,

The Ballard Food Bank/Lawton Back Pack Program is dedicated to providing needed weekend meals for students at Lawton. Each Friday, students served by the program are sent home with paper grocery bags full of kid-friendly, easy-to-prepare meals for the weekend. If you would like your child to participate, please return the blue, double-sided form sent home last week to our counselor, Constance Hutchinson, or Laura Thomas in the main office and complete the form. For further information, additional forms, or questions, please contact Constance Hutchinson:, 206-252-2140.

Announcements - April 1, 2016

Family Input Requested by Seattle Schools: Bell Times Implementation

Announcements - March 16, 2016

Spring Art Auction is this Friday, April 1st

Announcements - February 25, 2016

Morning Volunteers Needed

Announcements - February 17, 2016

WEAR RED Thursday February 18th

Announcements - February 6, 2016

Last chance to register for PTA sponsored Spring Before and After School Enrichment!

Announcements - January 27, 2016

Family Fun Dance Coming, Feb. 5th – 6 -8 pm

Announcements - January 20, 2016

PTA General Membership Meeting – Thursday, January 21, 2016

Announcements - January 19, 2016

Sandwiches for Hope – Donations Needed

Announcements - January 7, 2016

School Tours Coming Up

Announcements - January 6, 2016

You’re Invited…

Announcements - January 4, 2016

Ballard High School One Day Gymnastics Camp

Announcements - December 16, 2015

McClure Informational Open House

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